Intellectual Property Rights

The Firm renders strategic advice to clients on matters of copyright and trademark. It offers solutions to procure, protect and defend designs, trademarks and copyrights and provides consultancy services on matters arising from law of Designs, Trade Marks and Copyright. The services include filing applications for registration of designs, trade mark, copyrights and related procedures, opposing similar applications, and conducting consequential Court litigation involving intellectual property rights wherever called for.


The Firm has its specialized Division with a devoted infrastructural set up catering to the intellectual property related assignments. The Firm is retained on monthly remuneration basis by various organizations.

A major area of expertise of the Firm lies in the matter of copyright over literary, musical and cinematographic works. Controversies relating to advertisement contents, payment of royalty, assignment of copyright, infringement of copyright and trademark, passing of goods and services, imitation of creative work, registration of copyright and trademark with prescribed Statutory Authority, disparaging of goodwill and invasion of private rights, modeling contracts, etc. are regularly dealt with by us.


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