Real Estate

A widely acclaimed wing of the firm, it caters to the leading promoters, developers, contractors, investors, project financiers and construction companies of Eastern India. The Firm is vastly experienced and equipped to handle the most critical real estate documentation, industrial leases, transfer of 


undertakings, Indentures of Conveyance, instruments relating to mortgages, creation / extinction of securities, property finances, making in depth searches of court records, registration offices, municipal offices and other concerned authorities, furnishing reports on title and generally advising the client on their real estate plans.

Mr. D. N. Mittra, Partner is particularly acclaimed in the legal fraternity of West Bengal for his achievements in this area of practice.



  • Mr. A.K. Ghosh, +91 9831084022
  • Mr. D.N. Mittra, +91 9830113400
  • Mr. Amit Basu, +91 9831071617
  • Ms. Debjani Ghosh, +91 9831128311
  • Ms. Sudeshna Bagchi, +91 9903029511
  • Mr. Subhojit Roy, +91 9831298549